​Drivers Widget – Speedometer

A widget for drivers, making use of the GPS in your device in order to track mileage, speed and other parameters of your car or bike.
Think of it as a simple car dashboard on your desktop!
Very handy and lightweight.


– Odometer total and partial available
– Speedometer
– Kilometers or miles as distance unit
– Trip function (automatic partial reset)
– Power switch with “auto” mode (on if charging or if connected to car dock)
– High precision mode
– Multiple widget layouts and sizes
– GPS information dialog
– Statistics
– Optional NMEA logging

Features available in the PRO version only:

– Manage multiple vehicles with independent total and partial values
– Themes: change the appearance of the widgets

Click the widget to configure it!

Note: this application does not provide as many features and visual appeal as more popular apps, but it’s lighter and simplier and it focuses on the widget concept.

Not a standard application!
Add it by menu->add->widgets on your home screen.

*** Please report bugs by email ***

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